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Advanced Botox London

Botox is derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, it can used for both cosmetic and medical purposes. Furthermore, The effectiveness  of Botox lies in its ability to temporarily block nerve signals that cause muscle contractions. Equally, This makes it useful for treating various conditions related to muscle spasms, also excessive sweating, and even migraines.

Specifically used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

The Most commonly treated areas include:

Forehead Lines: can smooth out horizontal lines that form on the forehead due to repeated muscle movements.

Glabellar Lines: known as frown lines,  vertical lines sometimes appear between the eyebrows and are often associated with expressions of anger or concentration.

Crow’s Feet: The fine lines that radiate from the corners of the eyes when smiling or squinting.

Bunny Lines: These lines appear on the sides of the nose when you scrunch up your face, similar to how a bunny moves its nose.

Jawline: can be used to contour the jawline by relaxing the muscles responsible for causing a squared-off appearance.

Chin:  can typically help reduce the “pebble chin” effect that occurs when the mentalis muscle under the chin contracts excessively.

Nefertiti: Injections into the neck muscles help improve the appearance of horizontal bands and neck wrinkles.

Lip Lines: used around the mouth to reduce the appearance of vertical lip lines or “smoker’s lines.

Furthermore, Advanced Botox Treatments are not permanent and typically last around three to six months, as well as depending on factors like metabolism and the treated area.

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